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LED Light Engines Made Simple, Easy and Standard

Industry standard Light Engines

High performing quality UK manufactured light engines. All of our products undergo rigorous in-house testing and use only approved and recognised component suppliers which ensures the consistency and product superiority that our customers have come to expect.

Due to our continuous design and development strategy, our light engines integrate the very latest cooling and heat transfer technologies ensuring our PCB’s always operate at their optimum. Under normal conditions our light engines require minimal heat sinking allowing you to install them with the utmost confidence.

Available in both CRI 80> and CRI 90>, with colour temperatures ranging from 2700K to 5700K, offered as standard. Our light engines offer quality and colour consistency that is vital to any successful lighting project.

The Bespoke Solution

When ‘standard’ just won’t do

We can offer a lighting design service, that enbales you tailor and refine your lighting project. We have access to highly experienced designers that can create and produce individual bespoke units aligned with your lighting scheme concept

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Manufacturing & Testing

Maintaining standards – reducing costs

We manufacture and test all of our light engines in-house, ensuring our high standards are consistently maintained whilst having some of Europe’s most competitive pricing.